Invited Lectures

All lectures will take place on the first floor of the RWTH's main building, Templergraben 55.

Friday, November 29, 2013

LecturerTitleTime and Location
Coffee & Tea1:00 p.m., S114
Bert PeletierSignal transduction across cell membranes:
from System Biology to System Pharmacology
2:00 p.m., R149
Vitaly MorozGround states of Choquard equations:
existence, decay estimates and concentration
3:00 p.m., R149
Coffee & Tea4:00 p.m., S114
Bernard DacorognaImplicit Partial
Differential Equations
4:30 p.m., R149
Apéro5:30 p.m., S114
Dinner8:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

LecturerTitleTime and Location
Michel ChipotNonlocal problems involving the p-Laplace operator
and the Lp-norm of the gradient of the solution
9:30 a.m., HS III
Michel PierreAbout regularity
of optimal shapes
10:30 a.m., HS III
Coffee & Tea11:30 a.m., S114
Michael PlumA computer-assisted existence proof
for photonic band gaps
12:00 a.m., HS III

Further information will be sent out via e-mail.

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