Higher Mathematics

Higher Mathematics lectures are meant to provide certain mathematical basics that students will use almost daily during the entire course of their studies.
At the same time, Chair A for Mathematics offers the Br├╝ckenkurs Elementarmathematik [German]
that will help students to refresh their basic knowledge about A-level Mathematics.
An extra emphasis is put on exercising structural concepts such as methods of proof and technical and conceptual basics.
The course's aim is to have the students actually master these techniques for their daily use.

We provide exercise classes to introduce students to real-life problems on which they can apply the techniques and methods mentioned above.

Exam Archive

If you are looking for written exams from past terms, please try the exam archive.
Please note that we provide these written exams only for your exercise.
They are in no way related to upcoming exams neither concerning the
assignments' difficulty nor concerning the topics covered in the written exams.

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