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The Top-10 Don'ts for a Slide Talk

10. Do not use text only! Any figure helps.
9. Do not forget to label figures correctly!
8. Do not point out things with the mouse or on the overhead screen! Point to the wall instead, possibly with a pointer.
7. Do not rely on your slides only! Try some parts in free speech.
6. Do not use black only slides! Some color, even handwritten, helps.
5. Do not forget to write the important equations and messages on the black board!
4. Do not stand on one spot during your whole talk!
3. Do not speak too quietly!
2. Do not use very small fonts on your slides!
1. Do not answer questions arrogantly! Every question deserves your full attention, even a simple one.
If people get angry with you because of your talk, do not blame me!

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